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3" Motor Testing

Here you'll find a summary of all my 3" Motor testing data as well as links to the best performing products in my testing (affiliate policy). Access to the full database of test data is available to my Patreons.

Test Results

Best on Test

Happymodel EX1404 3500KV

A super lightweight 1404 motor that gives up top end power for excellent efficiency. If you are looking for a 3" motor for a super lightweight crusing build this is the one for you.

iFlight XING 1504 FPV NextGen Motor 3900KV

My favourite motor for 3.5" quads. It has a 12N14P configuration which is unusual at this size. This helps it generate more torque and better performance.

Skystars 1404 3800KV

This is a little gem of a motor: performance, efficiency, torque, it's got it all in spades. For the price it's hard to justify buying anything else.

BrotherHobby VY 1504.5 2650KV/2950KV/3950 KV Motor

3.5" Freestyle benefit from a slightly larger motor. 1504/1505 is my recommendation and Brotherhobby has a good reputation for quality and performance. 3950KV for 4S or 2650/2950KV for 6S.

T-Motor F1404 4600KV

This motor sacrifices some low throttle control for really impressive top end power for it's size and weight. Make sure to use a little throttle expo in Betaflight to recover the low throttle control.

Diatone Mamba Toka 1404 Motor - 3000KV/4000KV

1404 motors are perfect for 2.5" Cinewhoops or 3" Freestyle/Racing quads. These Mamba motors from Diatone look great and perform very well. 3000KV on 4S is my recommendation.

Test Videos

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