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AOS 3.5 V1

The AOS 3.5 is optimized to deliver maximum performance for freestyle flying with a total flying weight under 250g with analogue or digital video systems.

Key Features


The AOS 3.5 uses the same distinctive truss design for the arms as the AOS 5. This truss design provides enormous torsional stiffness, resolving a key source of vibration in traditional frames. It also allows two particularly harmful resonant modes to be individually modified to separate them in frequency.

Truss structures are inherently very strong as they convert bending loads into compression and tension in the individual members. Carbon is much stronger in pure tension and compression than in bending. Elongated slots for the outer motor screws are just one of the many ways weight has been trimmed from every part of the frame.

Y-shaped motor protectors minimize the risk of damage to those expensive components. Should you ever need to replace an arm, there are only two screws to undo and neither are shared with your electronics.


Top and Bottom Plates

Both of these plates are 2mm thick to provide an optimal balance between strength, stiffness and weight. The cut outs in the top and bottom plate of the AOS 3.5 are tuned using finite element analysis to preserve as much of the bending and torsional stiffness of the plate as possible whilst minimizing weight.

There are mountings for a 25.5x25.5mm or 20x20mm stack up front and a 20x20mm stack in the rear with space in between for the receiver, capacitor and other accessories.

Top and Bottom Plates

Camera Protection

The AOS 3.5 uses 2mm Carbon Plates to hold and protect the camera. These are stiffer, lighter and cheaper to replace than aluminum or titanium.

Camera Protection

Motor Screws

6mm M2 Cap Head motor screws are provided with the AOS 3.5 to eliminate the risk of shorting the motor windings or stripping out the threads in the motors if your motors didn't come with the correct length screws.

Motor Screws

Technical Specs

  • Approx. 50g with all hardware

  • Designed for up to 3.5 inch props

  • 4 mm Arms

  • 2 mm Top Plate, Bottom Plate and Sandwich Plates

  • One 25.5x25.5 mm or 20x20 mm stack in the front

  • One 20x20mm stacks in the rear

  • Fits the Caddx Vista perfectly

  • Fits both 20mm (DJI camera) and 19mm (Micro sized) cameras

  • Motor mounting 9x9 up to 12x12 (1404, 1505 recommended)

  • Standoffs, frame and motor screws included

Where to Buy

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