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Find out more about me, AOS RC, and how you can support my work.

About Chris

Hi everyone! I’m Chris Rosser, an aerothermal engineer with a specialism in analytical engineering and computational modeling. I have over a decade of experience in leading multidisciplinary teams on multimillion dollar projects for startups and technology companies around the world. I'm also an FPV pilot. 

I discovered the thrill of flying FPV in 2017. It wasn't long before my engineer's curiosity kicked in, leading me to explore the science behind this fascinating hobby. To share my discoveries, I launched my YouTube channel in 2021. As I delved deeper, I realized that products could be elevated through more computational modeling and application of aerothermal principles. 

But why stop at just talking about improvements? Challenged by a viewer, I took the plunge and founded AOS RC. AOS RC is an engineering design company focussed on creating the world's highest performing FPV drone products. I now work with multiple manufacturing partners all over the world to help make incredible technology available to every FPV pilot.


Support me

Affiliate link policy

Affliate link policy


AOS RC participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means I may receive commissions on products purchased through my links to retailer sites. It's important to note that my testing and reviews are not influenced by any commissions I receive.


Commitment to unbiased reviews

My goal is to provide informative and unbiased reviews and recommendations based on my independent testing. When testing a product, I share the full results and my conclusions through my YouTube videos, on Patreon, and on AOS Labs. I maintain editorial independence, and affiliate partners do not have any editorial rights over the content I produce and share.


Transparency about affiliate links

If a product I want to recommend is stocked at an affiliated partner, then I will include an affiliate link. If not, then I will link to the manufacturer directly. 


When you see a link that leads to a product, you should assume it is an affiliate link. Using these affiliate links does not incur any additional cost to you. However, it does help support my work by generating a small commission from each purchase made through these links.


Supporting AOS RC

By using the affiliate links, you are supporting AOS RC and my mission to provide high-quality, independent reviews for the FPV community. Your support is greatly appreciated and enables me to continue producing content that helps you make informed decisions.

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