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VTX Performance

Here you'll find a summary of all my VTX testing data as well as links to the best performing products in my testing (affiliate policy). Access to the full database of test data is available to my Patreons.

Test Results

Best on Test

Walksnail Moonlight Kit 4K Avatar VTX Kit

The top of the line Walksnail Avatar VTX. Onboard 4k60 recording and 1080p60 or 720p100 video in the goggles. The image quality is not as good as DJI O3 but the price is much more reasonable and this camera does better in low light.

Flywoo Naked O3 Lite

Slightly heavier than the Naked O3 Ultra this version is slightly cheaper and retains the shielding cans on the air unit for slightly better durability. You can remove these manually if you wish to get down to the same weight as the Ultra for a little less coin.

Avatar V2 VTX

The full size Avatar V2 VTX comes in two versions: 8GB and 32GB of onboard storage. You can also choose between the Standard camera (best for daytime flying) or the Pro camera (best for lowlight flying). With better image quality and features than the Caddx Vista at a lower price, this is a solid recommendation.

Walksnail Avatar 1S VTX

A smaller and lighter version of the Avatar VTX. There is a version with the standard Nano camera and a LITE version with an even lighter board and camera. It only works up to 5V though so you'll need a 5V 2A BEC if you're running 2S batteries!

HDZero Race V3 VTX

If you're a racer then HDZero is the HD system for you and this VTX is designed for 3" and 5" racing quads. Make sure to use a flight controller with at least a 5V 1.5A / 9V 1A /12V 1A BEC. This VTX cannot be powered from battery voltages above 2S.

Flywoo Naked O3 Ultra

If you want O3 at the lightest possible weight this is it. All the O3 features you love in an ultralight form factor. This can be suitable for quads with props as small as 2". Just like Porsche the less it weighs the more you pay! Also consider buying the Naked O3 Lite and removing the shielding cans yourself.

HDZero Whoop Lite

A smaller and lighter version of the HDZero VTX. It uses a super lightweight camera and runs on up to 3S battery voltage

Rush Tank Ultimate Plus 5.8GHz VTX

A solid choice for Analog with a high transmit power and good reputation for reliability.

Foxeer HDZero Race VTX

Foxeer made a HDZero Race VTX! I actually prefer the specs of this VTX to the HDZero one because it can be powered from up to 6S LiPo voltage! Everything else is the same as the HDZero Race V3.

HDZero Freestyle V2 VTX

True 1W output power for the HDZero system just got better. The smaller 30x30x14 mm form factor and 20mm M2 mounting pattern make this VTX perfect for 3" - 5" Freestyle drones and pilots who want the lowest possible latency of any FPV system available today. De-cased the VTX can be used on Lightweight 3" builds.

Happymodel ELRS Fyujon AIO Board - 5.8GHz OPENVTX + 2.4GHz ERLS RX

An all in one 300mW VTX and ELRS 2.4Ghz receiver. If your flight controller doesn't have this build in it's a great solution for tiny drones and weighs only 2.1g!

HDZero 1W Freestyle

The best range and penetration for HDZero with 1W of transmit power. Ideal for aggressive freestyle where the benefits of low and fixed latency are key.

Test Videos

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