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7" Motor Testing

Here you'll find a summary of all my 7" Motor testing data as well as links to the best performing products in my testing (affiliate policy). Access to the full database of test data is available to my Patreons.

Test Results

Best on Test

AOS Supernova 2807

More torque, more power, and better efficiency. The Supernova 2807 is the first 7" Motor optimised using over 20,000 electromagnetic finite element simulations built on data from real world testing of over 100+ FPV motors . This is the new performance benchmark for 7" FPV designed by AOS and built by RCinPower.

Flyfish Flash 2806.5 1350KV

A good balance of performance with excellent responsiveness.

EMAX ECOII 2807 1300KV

The EMAX Motor has great performance across the board. The only downside is that it's a heavy motor and that reduces it's weight normalised performance. If you're not too worried about weight this motor is a great value choice.

T-Motor F90 2806.5 Motor - 1300KV/1500KV/1950KV

For a 7" long range quad using lighter pitch tri blade or biblade props the F90 has plenty of performance at a lighter weight than the 2808s which gives longer flight time. 1300KV on 6S is my recommendation.

RCinPower Smoox 2806.5 1350KV

A motor that is a little heavier and provides a little more performance whilst still maintaining a great balance of performance to weight.

Brotherhobby LPD 2806.5

These Brotherhobby motors use a unibell design which may be slightly more durable (although that's usually less of a concern for 7" quads). Brotherhobby are well known for making quality motors, particularly in the larger sizes.

Test Videos

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