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5" Prop Testing

Here you'll find a summary of all my 5" Prop testing data as well as links to the best performing products in my testing (affiliate policy). Access to the full database of test data is available to my Patreons.

Test Results

Best on Test

DALProp/Foxeer Donut 5145

A prop like no other! I prefer traditional props as they produce more thrust and are more efficient. However, toroidal props have a different, less obtrusive, sound and look like they come from the future.

HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S

I've tested virtually every 5" prop out there and these were the best all rounders. They really stand out for excellent vibration performance and top end thrust while being lightweight and responsive.

HQProp 5.1X2.5X3 3-Blade Propeller (Set of 4)

When you value the smoothest footage over top end thrust and power these are the props for you. Incredibly low vibration and a shallow pitch reduces prop wash to nearly zero.

Gemfan LR5126 2-Blade Propeller (Set of 4)

These props support both T-mount and standard 5mm prop nuts. Most 2004 size motors use T-mounting but if you have one that has a standard 5mm prop nut then these are the 5" biblade props to use.

HQ R38

For racing responsiveness, thrust and efficiency are key. The R38 offers similar or even more thrust to the R42 at higher efficiency so is my pick.

HQProp Durable T5x3

This is an exceptionally efficient T-mount 5" prop, it's well matched to 2004/2104 size motors and perfect for 5" long range or 5" toothpick quads.

Test Videos

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