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6S Battery Testing

Here you'll find a summary of all my 6S battery testing data as well as links to the best performing products in my testing (affiliate policy). Access to the full database of test data is available to my Patreons.

Test Results

Best on Test

Ovonic Rebel 2.0 6S 1400mAh 22.2V 150 C Lipo Battery with XT60 Plug

This pack is at the top of the Ovonic Range. It lives up to it's rating providing enormous power and great energy density. Hard to find right now but a great performing pack.

TheFPV 1100mAh 120C

TheFPV are the house brand of Unmanned Tech in the UK. These batteries have no right being this good for the price.

DOGCOM MCK 1380mAh 160C

A larger pack with excellent burst performance and good energy density but a little on the heavier side. DOGCOM have good results in my testing so this is another solid option from them.

Tattu R-Line Version 5.0 1200mAh 6S1P 150C LiPo Battery

Where battery performance is critical Tattu R-Line packs have a good reputation for delivering more power at a lighter weight. You pay a little more for the extra performance.

GNB 1300mAh 120C LiHv

These are High Volt packs that charge to 4.35V/cell. They have the best energy density for long flight times and deliver decent burst performance and minimal voltage sag.

Test Videos

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