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Ultralight 5" Motor Testing

Here you'll find a summary of all my Ultralight 5" Motor testing data as well as links to the best performing products in my testing (affiliate policy). Access to the full database of test data is available to my Patreons.

Test Results

Best on Test

EMAX ECO II 2004 2000KV 6S

Great performance and efficiency for 4" or 5" Ultralight drones that also offers great value for money. Slightly heavier than the competition and uses multicore windings.

RCinPower 2104T 1800KV 6S

Slightly lighter than the EMAX ECO II and with a slightly lower KV that offers excellent performance and build quality.

Flyfish Flash 2004 1800KV 6S

A well made motor that also delivers good performance at a very light weight of just 16.3g.

Test Videos

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