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AOS 5 V1

Take the next step forward in FPV frame evolution: Enjoy fewer oscillations, less Jello in HD footage, better propwash handling and a smoother and more responsive flight feel. It’s science.

Key Features

Go Pro Mount

The AOS 5 has 32x32 mm M3 mounting holes for 3D printed mounts for your HD camera.

You can download an STL for the mount shown here.

Go Pro Mount


The AOS 5 uses a distinctive truss design for the arms. This truss design provides enormous torsional stiffness, resolving a key source of vibration in traditional frames. It also allows two particularly harmful resonant modes to be individually modified to separate them in frequency.

Truss structures are inherently very strong as they convert bending loads into compression and tension in the individual members. Carbon is much stronger in pure tension and compression than in bending. The compression members lock together in the center of the frame to spread the load in a crash.

Y-shaped motor protectors minimize the risk of damage to those expensive components. Should you ever need to replace an arm, there are only two screws to undo and neither are shared with your electronics.


Camera Protection

The AOS 5 uses 2.5mm Carbon Plates to hold and protect the camera. These are stiffer, lighter and cheaper to replace than aluminum or titanium.

The camera plates include a stiffener for the top plate to increase stiffness and better manage the additional weight of a GoPro mounted on the included 32x32mm mounting holes.

Camera Protection

Top and Bottom Plates

Both of these plates are 2.5mm thick to provide an optimal balance between strength, stiffness and weight. However, it is all too easy to destroy the strength and stiffness of a plate with poorly designed cut-outs.

The cut outs in the top and bottom plate of the AOS 5 are designed to preserve as much of the bending and torsional stiffness of the plate as possible whilst minimizing weight.

Top and Bottom Plates

Technical Specs

  • 115g with all hardware

  • Designed for up to 5.1 inch props

  • 6 mm Arms

  • 2.5 mm Top Plate, Bottom Plate and Sandwich Plates

  • Up to two 30.5x30.5 mm or 20x20 mm stacks

  • 32x32mm GoPro mounting holes in top plate

  • Fits the DJI Air Unit or Caddx Vista perfectly

  • Fits the DJI FPV camera or 19x19 mm camera (with 1 mm washers)

  • Recommended motor size 2306, 2207, 2208

  • Standoffs, frame and motor screws included

Where to Buy

Build Resources

Tuning Guides

Betaflight 4.5 PID Tuning

Betaflight 4.4 Tuning Guide

Betaflight 4.5 Filter Tuning

AOS Betaflight Presets

3D Prints

AOS ELRS Antenna Mount

AOS ELRS Antenna Mount

M3 SMA VTX Antenna Mount

M3 SMA VTX Antenna Mount

M3 Go Pro Mount

AOS M3 Go Pro Mount

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