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Many existing AOS frames have been extensively updated to work perfectly with the new DJI O3 Air Unit.

O3's increased sesitivity to vibration makes a low vibration frame more important than ever before.

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When crystal clear and silky smooth aerial footage is the priority a versatile ultra-low vibration frame is essential. The AOS Cine35 provides an exceptionally smooth platform for the latest GoPro Hero cameras with easily adjustable ducts for different types of shots.

AOS LR5.261.3.png


Immerse yourself in the Ultralight 5" experience with no props in view. Whether you are looking to enjoy dynamic freestyle flying or long range exploration the AOS LR5 delivers best-in-class flight performance.

AOS 3.5 V2.244.3.png

AOS 3.5 V2

Go toe to toe with 5" freestyle quads. Experience comparable flingability, smoothness and flight performance. Carry an Insta360 Go to capture stunning HD footage. And all under 250g!

AOS 5 V2.214.13.png

AOS 5 V2

The AOS 5 V2 refines and improves upon the original AOS 5 formula. A lightweight 5" frame with exceptional vibration and resonance performance, enormous versatility, and so much more.

AOS 5R.259.13.png


A state-of-the-art custom carbon fibre layup makes the AOS 5R stiffer, stronger, lighter and, most importantly, faster than other race frames. Don't settle for anything less than extraordinary.


AOS 5.5 V2

The best way to carry a GoPro Hero just got even better. Improved vibration and resonance performance, versatility, simplicity and more.

AOS UL5.262.3.png


Managing vibration in an Ultralight 5" frame is a serious challenge.

The AOS UL5 squeezes the maximum performance out of every gram to deliver better resonance performance than most full-fat 5" frames at half the weight.

AOS 7 LR Render.126.12.png


The AOS 7 is optimized to deliver maximum possible flight performance on 7" props. Aggressive freestyle, long range cruising, this frame can do it all.

AOS T3.263.1.png


Vibration and resonance performance has always been an Achilles' heel of traditional Toothpicks. Not any more.

The AOS T3 evolves the 3" Toothpick class by delivering exceptional vibration and resonance performance in an ultralight form factor.

Falcon 7.114.24.png

Designed by FalconRad FPV. Optimized in collaboration with AOS.


Brought to you in collaboration with FalconRad FPV. This 7inch Long Range Frame has been optimized to improve its vibration and resonance performance without compromising Conrad Falconer's original design.


AOS 3.5 V1

The AOS 3.5 is optimized to deliver maximum performance for freestyle flying with a total flying weight under 250g.


AOS 5 V1

The AOS 5 uses a scientific approach to take high performance 5 inch freestyle frames to the next level. Designed from the ground up based on a combination of finite element simulation and real-world flight testing this frame boasts excellent vibration and resonance performance.

AOS 5.5.84.png

AOS 5.5 V1

The AOS 5.5 follows in the footsteps of the AOS 5 but has been redesigned from the ground up to carry heavier action cameras like the GoPro Hero 8 and Hero 9 without compromise.