Falcon 7.114.24.png

Designed by FalconRad FPV. Optimized in collaboration with AOS.



Brought to you in collaboration with FalconRad FPV.
This 7 inch Long Range Frame has been optimized to improve its vibration and resonance performance without compromising Conrad Falconer's original design.

  • Designed for long range cinematic HD footage.

  • Holds the GoPro down below the top plate near the prop line.

  • Stiffness optimized for minimal frame resonance.

  • Space for DJI air unit and one 30.5x30.5mm stack OR two 30.5x30.5mm stacks.

  • Fits 7" props.

  • 8mm arms with 5mm rear braces.

  • 2.5mm top and mid plates, 2mm base plate.

  • Recommended motor size 2806.5, 3106.5, 2507, 2508

  • Fits 2600mah to 5000mah lipo or two 6s li-ion packs (18650 or 21700 cells, both on top plate).

  • Top and bottom fasteners are countersunk to avoid damaging both top and bottom mounted batteries.

  • Perfectly fits and protects a 19x19mm FPV camera (will fit DJI camera with modification to TPU mount).

  • All required TPU parts available on Thingiverse.



A great design is nothing without great manufacturing. I trust CNCMadness (based on the Canada–United States border) to manufacture this frame to the highest standards.


I have been consistently impressed by their quality and attention to detail throughout the prototyping process. They provide high quality carbon fiber cut to exceptionally tight tolerances ensuring interlocking parts slide together without any slop.


Once you’ve held a frame made by these guys I hope you’ll agree that you won’t want anyone else cutting your carbon.