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AOS Falcon 7

Brought to you in collaboration with FalconRad FPV.
This 7 inch Long Range Frame has been optimized to improve its vibration and resonance performance without compromising Conrad Falconer's original design.

Key Features

Technical Specs

  • Designed for long range cinematic HD footage.

  • Holds the GoPro down below the top plate near the prop line.

  • Stiffness optimized for minimal frame resonance.

  • Space for DJI air unit and one 30.5x30.5mm stack OR two 30.5x30.5mm stacks.

  • Fits 7" props.

  • 8mm arms with 5mm rear braces.

  • 2.5mm top and mid plates, 2mm base plate.

  • Recommended motor size 2806.5, 3106.5, 2507, 2508

  • Fits 2600mah to 5000mah lipo or two 6s li-ion packs (18650 or 21700 cells, both on top plate).

  • Top and bottom fasteners are countersunk to avoid damaging both top and bottom mounted batteries.

  • Perfectly fits and protects a 19x19mm FPV camera (will fit DJI camera with modification to TPU mount).

  • Standoffs, carbon and hardware included

  • All required TPU parts available on Thingiverse.

Where to Buy

Build Resources

Tuning Guides

AOS Betaflight Presets

Betaflight 4.4 Tuning Guide

3D Prints

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