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AOS Cine80

Versatile front and rear facing Camera mounting for Camera payloads up to 2kg. Ultra low vibration for silky smooth footage (even without stabilisation).
A state-of-the-art tool for Cinematic FPV professionals.

Key Features

Vertical Truss Arms

Brian White (PID Toolbox) has often said that the limiting factor for smooth video from Cinelifters is the vibration performance of the frame.

The AOS Cine80's revolutionary vertical truss arm structure makes the frame enormously stiff without adding additional weight. This makes the frame easy to tune and ensures it delivers smooth video even without post stabilisation.

Vertical Truss Arms

Canted Motor Mounting

Look closely, the motor mountings on the Cine80 are not straight. All 8 motors are angled slightly in the tangential direction.

This provides a small but significant thrust component on the yaw axis of the quad greatly improving the control authority of the Cine80 compared to competition.

The impoved yaw authority improves flight performance for smooth footage even in the most demanding and dynamic flight conditions.

Canted Motor Mounting

Camera Mounting

The Cine80 features a fully reversible mounting slution for Cinema cameras. Mout the camera facing forward for dynamic FPV shots or backwards for chase shots and switch between the two in moments on set.

The Cine80 supports the DAC mount or a custom carbon fiber mount and both are fullly reversible. You can even adjust the position of the mount to fine tune the center of gravity.

Camera Mounting

Technical Specs

  • Designed for 7-8 inch props

  • 5 mm Vertical Truss Arms for minimum vibration

  • Canted motor mounting for improved yaw authority

  • Up to three 20, 25.5 or 30.5 mm stacks

  • Captive battery strap slots

  • Fits 19-20 mm FPV cameras including DJI O3

  • Recommended motor size 2808

  • 19x19 mm motor mounting

Where to Buy

Build Resources

Tuning Guides

Betaflight 4.5 PID Tuning

Betaflight 4.4 Tuning Guide

Betaflight 4.5 Filter Tuning

AOS Betaflight Presets

3D Prints

Cine80 Legs

AOS Cine80 Legs

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