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AOS Supernova

The AOS Supernova 2207 redefines performance for a 5" FPV motor. It delivers more power, more torque, and better efficiency per gram than any other motor in its class.

Key Features

4.6% Better Efficiency

Fly for longer with cooler motors. Improved motor efficiency is key to maximising the performance of your FPV quad whether you're flying freestyle or racing.

4.6% Better Efficiency

18% More Thrust

Whether you're looking for a more exciting and dynamic FPV experience or to slice fractions of a second off your lap time the extra thrust the Supernova provides will get you there.

18% More Thrust

33% More Torque

The job of your FPV motor is to convert electrical power into mechanical torque. The Supernova's optimised magnetic design does this better than any other 5" motor.

33% More Torque

Technical Specs

You may know that I've tested over 50 different 5" motors from the biggest and best manufacturers in FPV. What you may not know is that alongside making motor testing videos I've been using all that data to refine a finite element model of FPV motor performance.

This tool can accurately predict the performance of a motor design in just a few minutes making it possible to quickly test many different motor designs. I took this a step further by writing an optimisation script that uses this model to home in on the optimum design. A design that provides the most power, torque, and efficiency at a target motor weight of 31g (not including wires).

There are a lot of design parameters so it took a long time to home in on the optimum (over 20,000 iterations) but I found the ideal design.

That was the creation of the Supernova 2207.

A great design is nothing without great manufacturing so I've partnered with RCinPower to produce this motor. Their motors consistently perform at the top of my motor leaderboard and they are flown by arguably the fastest racing pilot in the world, Min Chin Kim.

I think the Supernova is something pretty special. I hope you'll agree...

Where to Buy

Build Resources

Tuning Guides

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3D Prints

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