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AOS Supernova

The AOS Supernova 2807 redefines performance. An unrivaled thrust to weight ratio is combined with excellent efficiency and world-leading responsiveness to create the ultimate power unit for 7" FPV.

Key Features

25% More Torque

The job of your FPV motor is to convert electrical power into mechanical torque. The Supernova's optimised magnetic design does this better than any other motor in it's weight class.

25% More Torque

9% Higher Thrust:Weight Ratio

Whether you're looking for the longest flight times or the most dynamic freestyle experience the Supernova's unrivaled thrust to weight ratio will give you all the power you need without weighing you down.

9% Higher Thrust:Weight Ratio

11% Better Responsiveness

Keeping control of larger props is vital for the stability of larger quadcopters. The faster your motor can change RPM the better your flight controller can keep your footage smooth and stable.

11% Better Responsiveness

Technical Specs

Designed using the same groundbreaking simulation and testing approach as the AOS Supernova 2207, this motor scales up that design philosophy to provide exhilarating control, power, and efficiency for 7” props. See what a difference over 20,000 finite element simulations can make!

A great design is nothing without great manufacturing and quality control, RCinPower consistently manufactures the best performing motors in FPV and are flown by the world's fastest drone racer Min Chin Kim.

To enjoy precise low throttle control along with mind blowing top end power AOS recommends using throttle expo in Betaflight with these motors to get the best flight feel and performance. Try Throttle MID = 0 and Throttle EXPO = 0.20 to start. Increase EXPO for more precision at low throttle, decrease expo for a sharper throttle response.

Thank you for your support and Happy Flying!

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Tuning Guides

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