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AOS Cine25 EVO

ersatile front and rear facing Go Pro mounting.
Quickly adjust between full-ducts/half-ducts/prop guards.
Ultra low vibration for smooth footage (even without stabilisation).
A state-of-the-art tool for Cinematic FPV.

Key Features

Adjustable Ducts

Ducts do more than just protect the props, they also create aerodynamic drag that is vital for closely following slower moving targets e.g. Skateboarders

For faster targets e.g. BMX the drag from the ducts makes it hard to keep up!

The AOS Cine25 has 3D printable modular ducts that allow the drag to be adjusted. Full ducts are ideal for slower moving targets, half ducts for faster targets and no ducts for minimal drag for the fastest shots.

Adjustable Ducts


Most Cinewhoops use injection moulded plastic or 3D printed prop guards. These fragile materials often deform and crack over time potentially jamming up the props and needing replacement.

The AOS Cine25 uses carbon fibre prop guards to maximise stiffness and strength while reducing weight.


Versatile Camera Mounting

A Cinewhoop must be a versatile tool for capturing a range of different aerial shots.

With a fully reversible top plate and additional mounting points underneath the AOS Cine25 makes it easy to capture both forward and rear facing shots over the widest range of different camera angles.

All while making sure the frame stays out of view.

Versatile Camera Mounting

Vibration Performance

Vibrations are often a cause of poor image quality with tranditional Cinewhoops. They cause blurry footage as well as wobbles and bobbles that require additional stabilisation to remove in post processing.

The structure of the AOS Cine25 minimises frame resonances to deliver exceptionally clear and smooth footage.

Vibration Performance

Technical Specs

  • Designed for 2.5 inch props, no props in view.

  • 2.5 mm Truss Arms

  • Up to two 25.5 or 20 mm stacks (front and rear) OR

  • One 25.5 or 20 mm stack (center)

  • 32x32mm M2 GoPro mounting holes in top plate with installed press-nuts

  • XT30 pass through top plate

  • Captive battery strap slots for lengthwise or toilet tank mounting

  • Fits 19-20mm FPV cameras including DJI O3

  • Recommended motor size 1404

  • 9x9 mm motor mounting

  • Standoffs, carbon and hardware included

  • ~69g with all steel hardware

Where to Buy

Build Resources

Tuning Guides

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Cine25 Ducts

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